About Us

British Universities Group is a hub to connect students around the globe with their dream universities in the UK. We support both local and international students to apply for entry to an undergraduate or graduate degree programme, and work with universities in our group network to create unique preparation programmes designed for those students who don't yet meet the university's entry requirements. So, whether you are eligible to apply for a degree program, or require some additional preparation before your degree, we can help!

Our undergraduate and postgraduate pathway programs support students in improving their English and developing their subject-specific academic knowledge. With our support, we will help to ensure that you comfortably settle into campus life or settle in a new country if you are from abroa. We are here to help you succeed in your university programme. We have helped thousands of British Universities Group students secure their place on some of the best university courses here in the UK and go on to achieve successful careers.


Please contact  admissions@britishuniversitiesgroup.org  when you are exercising your rights listed in this policy, or our Data Protection Officer at  dpo@aphaia.co.uk  where you have a query about how we process the data.